Monday, August 13, 2007

Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken

Chicken - 1kg
Onions - 4nos.
Capsicum - 2nos.
Green Chillies - 4nos.
Tomato Sauce - 1tbsp or to taste
Cornflour - 1/2tbsp
Orange color

For stock:
Celery - Diced, handful
Carrots - Diced, handful
Onion - Diced, 1/2nos.
Ginger-Garlic - Chopped, 1tbsp
Pepper corns - 10 nos.

For marinade:
Soya Sauce - 2tbsp
Tomato Sauce - 1tbsp
Red Chilli Sauce - 1tbsp

Eggs -2 nos.
Corn flour - 1tbsp
Maida - 1tbsp

Clean & cut the chicken into cubes( bone-in or without bones, we prefer bone-in!). Marinate the chicken with the sauces & salt. Let it stand for at least 1 hour.
Pound the remaining chicken and to it, add the other stock ingredients. Add water(double the quantity of solids) and cook over low flame till done or longer(u can even simmer for 2 hrs!). When done, strain the broth & keep aside.
Add beaten eggs, cornflour & maida to the marinated chicken and mix well, Fry them over medium flame and drain on paper towels.
Closeup of fried chicken...

Fried Chicken

Heat oil. Fry the chopped onions, capsicums & green chillies slightly/till cooked. Add the stock. When it comes to a boil , add the fried chicken pieces. Add tomato sauce & salt to taste. Finally make a paste of cornflour & color in a little water and add it to the chicken. Stir well & serve hot.
Tips: For a richer stock you can roast the pounded chicken & vegetables in an oven for half an hour.

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