Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pesaha Appam (Unleavened Passover bread)

Pesaha Appam - This unleavened passover bread is had with pesaha paalu on Maundy Thursday after the evening mass.The head of the family cuts the appam into pieces, dips in the "paalu" & then gives it to other members of the family.This is a tradition among the Catholics of Kerala.

For appam:
Urad dal - 1/2cup
Rice flour - 1cup
Coconut powder - 4tbsp
Pearl onions - 3-4nos.
Salt - 1/2tsp or to taste

For paalu:
Jaggery - 200gms
Rice flour - 2-3tbsp
Coconut milk powder - 4-5tbsp
Dry ginger powder - 1tsp
Cardamoms, powdered - 3-4nos.

Wash & soak dal for 3-4 hrs. Grind dal. To it add rice flour, coconut milk powder, salt and mix well. Add enough water to reach the desired consistency(that of idli batter). Pour the appam mix in a greased pan and place a little cross made from the palm leaf you get on Palm Sunday. Steam for 10-15 min or till done.

For making paalu - Break jaggery into small pieces and place it in a pan with some water. Heat till it melts completely. Strain it. Mix the coconut milk powder in a cup of water. To this add cardamom powder, dry ginger powder & rice flour and mix well. Add this mixture to the jaggery syrup & mix well to avoid lumps. Return to fire & bring to a boil stirring well all the while. Simmer & stir till the desired consistency is reached. Switch off the flame.


Rachel said...

I haven't had it....but have heardd about it from a lot of catholic friends....

Anonymous said...
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Divya Vikram said...

have nt heard of this tradition..looks nice

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shriya said...

Never heard about this one before but it looks delicious. Yummy one.

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Very nice blog and congrats on the foodie blogroll!

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Oh that looks great!